The Raya Clinic is an award winning practice in the holistic health care field. It is a total health and wellness center with all holistic fields under one roof, truly a one stop shop. The practice has a unique approach of comprehensive care and is based on the premise of The Triad of Health, a combination of chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition. This is accomplished by balancing the energy in the body through acupuncture, helping the body to heal itself by assessing the nutritional needs, and by restoring optimal function by removing interference in the nervous system using chiropractic.

The Raya Clinic has a team of expert doctors, instead of being seen by one doctor you benefit from being seen by a team of specialized health care providers. Together these doctors have over fifty years of combined experience. They have helped heal thousands of patients using a combination of acupuncture, chiropractic and nutrition. At the Raya Clinic you eliminate the need to seek out a number of different specialists at multiple locations. However, if a medical referral is needed we are willing to refer and work together for the patient’s benefit.

What makes Raya Clinic different is the use of the most technically advanced diagnostic testing procedures to determine the needs of the patient. Diagnostic testing includes thermographic sEMG back scan, digital X-ray on premises, ElectroMeriden Imaging (EMI), laser foot scan, as well as other orthopedic and neurological equipment that is used in your comprehensive physical exam. Treatment includes a variety of services such as chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, detoxification program, saliva hormone tests, hair mineral/ toxic element testing, food sensitivity testing, physical therapy, active and passive cervical and lumbar traction, Spine Med Decompression, Erchonia cold laser therapy, osteoporosis vibration therapy, weight loss counseling and a state of the art Neuropathy treatment center.

We have long hours and are open six days a week, and there is always a Chiropractic physician team member available who knows your history and treatment plan. Raya Clinic accepts all insurances and offers discount plans and financing options.

Our Approach

We utilize the most technologically advanced diagnostic procedures available today. We use the Insight Millennium Surface E.M.G., rolling thermal scanning device as well as computerized inclinometry for exact range of motion studies. We also have a full x-ray imaging lab on site for our patient’s convenience. If the problem lies within the feet or foundation of the patient we use our Digital foot scanning device to properly diagnose a problem and electronically cast an orthotic to fix the problem. We also use Electro Meridian Imaging to properly diagnose acupuncture patients and treat them as accurately as currently possible. If Nutrition is the problem we use laboratory testing procedures such as hair analysis, saliva hormone analysis, and food allergy testing.