In office cervical traction is designed to separate and stretch the spinal segments, promote distraction and gliding of the joint facets, promote joint hydration and nutrition to the involved joints. Mechanical traction is implemented to increase mobility, increase the circulation and decompress the tissues in the involved areas.

Ultrasound is used primarily to treat the soft tissue and ligamentous portions of the spine and paraspinal tissues.

Vertetrac therapy is used to decrease intra-discal pressure on the nerve root and dural sac. Disc disorders are accompanied by muscle spasm and reduced transfer of fluid which accelerates disc degeneration. Treatment with Vertetrac is based on combining motion with traction which simultaneously decreases pressure, enables fluid exchange, improves Range of Motion (ROM) and promotes recovery.

Electrical stimulation is used for both pain relief and muscle re-education. Electrical current is sent from the machine to muscle tissue, causing a sensory or motor response.

Cold laser therapy is designed to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and increase range of motion, joint stability and coordination of the involved areas.