Amazing experience! The staff and doctors were incredible! Can’t wait to go back!
-Caylee R.

Doctors and staff have been wonderful. Very positive experience.
-Maureen L.

Professional at all times!! Great group of people. Always look forward to going. I walk out with that feel good feeling. Five stars to them!!!!
-Linda F.

I was in excruciating pain and was unable to sit in the chair. Staff was very courteous and sympathetic to my needs and sciatic condition. I did have to wait as I called the same day but once I was taken the staff was excellent!!! From the receptionists to the technicians to Dr. Raya everything was excellent!! Everyone was pleasant and professional!!!
-Bill W.

Excellent service from when I walk in, until I leave. My adjustments and therapy session meet all my needs and expectations!
-James B.

Great first visit! I felt heard about my current condition and taken care of.

Was initially hesitant about going to a chiropractor. My son is a former client and he raved about the practice. He especially liked Dr Marcus. Coincidence that I saw him on my first visit! Was impress with how thorough everyone was. I’m so glad I listened to my son!
-Susan M.

I was extremely impressed by how helpful, friendly, and accommodating the entire team was. Looking forward to treatment.
-Todd F.

I felt very comfortable and eager to start my treatments
-Richard G.

Everyone is very friendly, I get Accommodated every time I call.
-Deborah N.

I was very impressed with the class you gave on chiropractic care and the 3 areas of stress on our lives. Very informative. I also like that you give a plan, I.e., 6 weeks of treatment then another assessment.

- Anonymous


- Eugene B

Everyone is pleasant and knowledgeable!

-Candace C

I am thankful for how accommodating your office is in making appointments. I would not change anything.

- Elizabeth F

It was an excellent experience and I am looking for more treatments.

–Mosen M

Everyone at the Raya Clinic makes me feel like a member of the family.

- Daniel C.

I liked the way the facility was laid out — it didn’t have the feel of “being on display” that some chiropractic and physical therapy places have. No bright lights. Having Dr. Raya do the intake was effective in making me feel my business was appreciated. Everyone was professional and pleasant. The doctor who gave me the tests was efficient and made me feel comfortable even though there were lot of tests. One of the office people was obviously new but handled herself well. The person training her was helpful and patient to her even though she was busy. All in all a very good first impression.

- Carla S.

It is truly a great place to be. I always feel much better after my visits.

- John D.

Love the Raya clinic I wouldn’t change a thing

- Kelly D.

Raya Clinic keep up the exceptional care you give to those in need of relieving their pain and instilling a renewed life of hope. Thank you for your compassion and care.

- Carmen R.

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Marcus!! He is extremely thorough and never makes you feel like you are just “a number” passing through the production line. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

- Lisa D.

I am very satisfied with the service I receive

- Margery H

Wonderful care. Nice professionalism. Thank you very much.


other Miriam


The staff at the Raya Clinic is always welcoming, knowledgeable and caring. I always feel much better when I leave than when I entered

- Lynn B.

You are operating at 100%. I can’t think of anything you could change. Love you ALL

- Charlene C.

Always a very positive experience. Staff is friendly and always makes you feel welcomed. I constantly recommend the Raya Clinic on Facebook.

- Craig P.

Wonderful place. Great atmosphere and very friendly and knowledgeable doctors

- Marianne R.

We were very pleased with everything, Doctor Raya and her staff are very friendly and treated me with respect and explained my test results to me so I knew exactly what procedures to expect and how they would work for me.

- Stephan G.

I can’t think of any improvements you could possibly make. I never looked forward to a doctor’s appointment before. Everyone in the office is great !!!!

- Charlene C

I love visiting Raya Clinic. The staff is always friendly and yet professional!

- Patricia B.

Since I’ve been coming there I have nothing but good things to say. You were very helpful to me and the staff is great, friendly and very caring.

- Ed D.

I’ve been attending Raya for 7 years and you have been the only Medical Team that has correctly diagnosed, maintained and shall I say “cured” my sinus infections, my aches & pains of aging and sensibly and honestly put me on the right track to hopefully live a little longer in a homeopathic lifestyle. Honestly, I don’t have one critical thing to say about any and all of your choices and care. You are the “Tops”

- Deborah D.

Everyone is efficient and friendly.

- Karen D.

Always have a better week after an adjustment and seeing everyone’s smiling faces

- Kelly D.

Always a pleasure. Great staff and great doctors.  [🙂]

- Julianna D.

Went in with pain – left feeling not so tight and had better range of movement with less pain in my lower back.

- David B.

I am very satisfied with Dr. Marcus. I feel so much better when I leave the clinic. Thanks.

- Caroline O.

My experience at Raya Clinic is always gratifying

- Domina M.

My visit was very good. I wouldn’t change a thing.

- Craig M.

Pleased with service and staff.

- Janene I.

My favorite thing to be done in a chiropractic office is for the practioner not to rely just on what I am saying, but to actually have me stand up and go through the range of motions or to walk or whatever to see what is going on in my body that they can see and I may not be as aware of. I love being treated for what is going on that day, and not just ‘normal and usual’ stuff.

- Risa R.

Dave and I are very pleased.Thank-you very much.

— Debra S.

I was amazed at how quickly I could feel well again, after being in pain for so long! Dr. Raya is a miracle worker!

- Rebecca C.

I value the flexibility that your clinic provides. It is often difficult for me to arrive at a specific time due to my job, but you welcome “walk ins” which works very well for me and allows me to come in for adjustments when I otherwise might not have been able to if I had to stick to a specific time.

- Craig P.

I love everything about The Raya Clinic!

- Craig M.

I am always speaking highly of your staff & services.Its like family! Very professional! I will always refer people to you!

- Linda C

I was in great pain when I arrived today. After my visit and treatment, I felt better than I ever did

- Caroline O.

The staff at Raya Clinic always goes above and beyond. They treat their patients like family.

-Domina M.

I always receive excellent care and feel so much better after treatment

- Debbie M.

I’m thankful for the Raya Clinic staff.

- April V.

Excellent service always a well-run Organization.

-Daniel S.

I was very impressed with the class you gave on chiropractic care and the 3 areas of stress on our lives. Very informative. I also like that you give a plan,I.e., 6 weeks of treatment then another assessment.

- Carole P.

Thank you for always seeing me last minute and fixing my headaches.

- Betzy O.

Overall a great visit. All of the staff is really nice and welcoming!

- Caitlin S.

All the staff at the Raya Clinic are professional, informative and always help to make me feel better.

-Lynn B

Don’t change a thing. Staff is great, service is great and Doctor’s are always very helpful and thorough.

- ED D.

I haven’t been to the Raya Clinic since march and i needed an adjustment. Service was great and i should have gone a lot sooner. I already have another appt on Wednesday set up.

- Timothy B

I love the Raya Clinic:)

- Heidi B

Great job great experience

-Bill P.

First Visit- Thank you , it was great

- Matthew L.

You are all AMAZING! Thank you for being so warm, welcoming, kind, patient, thorough, attentive,
and so much more!

- Krista L.

I felt very encouraged after my visit & feel I made the right choice toward my recovery.

- Shirley B.

Dr. Marcus does a great job at getting my mid/upper back area which is always very tight and difficult to crack. Feeling great now! I always look forward to coming in for an adjustment.

- Matthew B.

Very happy with the service.

- Diane H.

the staff is always so great with the babies! They really make it a enjoyable experience.

- Isabella D.

I have been a patient for about 5 years. I would, and do recommend the Raya Clinic to everyone.

- Robert N.

Everyone is wonderful at the Raya Clinic and I am finding success with my treatment.

- Lucy K.

The Raya Clinic is an excellent service to multiple cities/people surrounding the clinic. The Staff is professional and friendly. The Raya Clinic’s professionalism has restored my health

- Patricia G.

I have loved my experience here for six years

— Donald W.

Very friendly and professional. Helped my leg with adjustments.

— Gary C.

Great chiro practice! Offers every possible option for treatment, great people, and computer tracking….

— Mark E.

You constantly make my sore back feel like new.

— Harold M.

Excellent service and expertise.

— John l.

I would absolutely recommend Raya Clinic to anyone who is seeking relief from pain, migraines or even pain management! I didn’t even know that my body was so out of whack until I went there. Each week we have worked to make my spine more in line. I have severe migraines and they have been helping my pain with the migraines as well. Each person in that office, from front of office through the people who do the ice and stim in the back, is so kind and truly cares about each patient. They know my name and always greet me with a smile. They are patient and kind. Dr. Raya does acupuncture on me as an additional way to relieve pain. She explains to me what she is doing and how different things will affect my body. I truly enjoy going to Raya Clinic because I always feel better when I come out, even on my worst days. When I’m more healed I will continue to go as a maintenance routine for my body.

— Lauren G.

I would like to thank Raya Clinic for helping me with my back and neck issues. I could hardly walk during my first few visits. It’s only been 3 weeks and I’m feeling much better. Everyone is so kind and caring and I am so happy I tried it out.

— Renee S.

I love this place, every time I have an issue they always do their best to fix me up!!!!

— Matthew O.

Amazing staff and very friendly with a great atmosphere!!!!! Great experience all around…. would recommend to  anyone…

— Michelle G.

Friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable staff that go out of their way for your better health.

—James H.

Everybody is very helpful & friendly.

— Deb

Professional and caring.

— Michael D.

Very friendly staff. Flexible scheduling. Specialized improvement programs.

— Christopher M.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Raya and her staff for over 13 years, they are an integral part of my life and ability to stay in motion. They are the best listeners, and they understand complex situations like mine. I always recommend Raya Clinic to everyone who asks me! Thank you for all you have done for me!

— Kelly F.

I would highly recommend Raya Clinic for anyone suffering from back/neck injuries. They even help me get better      from bronchitis! This group is professional and take your concerns seriously.

— Tina F.

Pain relief and wonderful people in one place!

— Annie L.

Great staff which listens and treats the underlying issues. So glad to visit them regularly and only wish I found out about them even sooner.

— Ernie F.

Raya clinic has provided me with excellent and adequate care. They are great with listening and adjusting to your needs, and communicate well with pts always smiling and making conversations. Everyone is very welcoming and I love the fact that after adjustments they have a room where one of the assistant provides further care ex: ice packs, massage machines, weight levels to prolong the adjustment properly. I would recommend the clinic to anyone with back pain that is looking for relief-(I currently have sciatic pain-currently pregnant-they have special lay downs where the belly fits right in making it easier to get adjusted) and trusting the knowledgeable team on staff is very important to me and they always fulfill my needs. Thanks everyone and keep up the great work!

— Alice K.

Great place to get help. You will not be disappointed!

— Henry V.

Raya Clinic is the third chiropractic care center I have been to in the last 5 years. No other chiropractor has ever done more testing, more evaluating, and more treating than the doctors at Raya. If you have a high deductible insurance plan, they will work with you to meet your needs using a payment plan. Every time I go there, I feel welcomed by the staff. The doctors genuinely care about each of their patients and this is evident during your visit. I would highly recommend going to Raya Clinic. 

— Jill P.

As a dentist for over 30 years, it is important that I take care of my back. My profession tends to create a lot of hump backed people and I don’t want to be one of them. In looking for a chiropractic care facility, I wanted to know that the place that I chose would not only take excellent care of me, but would constantly improve their education to stay on the leading edge of patient care. I have found all of that at the Raya Clinic. Over the last few years, Dr. Raya and her associates have helped keep me flexible and out of pain. This means that I can do my job without worry of any short or long term problems. The office is conveniently located off Queen St in Southington. They have a lot of modern equipment to treat various types of issues. The staff is personable and professional. One nice thing that they do is a comprehensive reevaluation after a few weeks of treatment which allows me to see what my results are from the treatment they’re providing and they can make any adjustments, if necessary. They work with my insurance plan and my out-of-pocket expense is minimal. I also like the convenient hours which allow me to visit them after my office closes.

— Mike M.

Very helpful and caring.

— Jim S.

Amazingly friendly, very helpful, they got rid of my back pain in about 3 months. I feel great! Thanks Raya clinic!

— Bob C.

I love it here!

— Adam A.

Dr. Raya was wonderful. Very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. She genuinely cared to better my circumstances, which is something I greatly value in a Dr. Would highly recommend the Raya Clinic to anyone for spinal decompression, acupuncture and nutritional testing. Staff is also very friendly and helpful!

— Natalie H.

I was fortunate enough to see both sides of the Raya Clinic as I have been an employee of Dr. Raya’s as well as a patient. During the time that I worked for her I witnessed how compassionate and competent she is as a physician. She is devoted and effortlessly establishes a personable patient/doctor rapport. In addition, I observed many patients’ lives being changed for the better. Every morning, she would have a meeting to discuss the patient’s care as a team, regardless if she was working that day or not. She took the time to go through each patient’s chart and review the treatment plan with the other doctors and staff, and made any changes that were appropriate. The staff was on top of re-examining the patients periodically to ensure that the plan was deemed fit and adjust accordingly if any changes would rise.

Personally, as a patient she was able to determine why I had chronic stomach pain through her nutritional testing. I had been going to a primary care doctor, GI specialist, and multiple ER visits but none of them suggested the test that Dr. Raya did. She also did a thorough physical exam and when I received my results she explained everything before she even worked on me. I continue to receive treatment, even though I am no longer employed there. The holistic care, the experienced physicians and staff, the comprehensive testing, and the empathetic approach is why Raya Clinic has been successful for so long. I would highly recommend this chiropractic center to everyone I know.

— Ina L.

I have been going to the Raya Clinic on and off for many years with different injuries for myself and my family members.
My most recent experience is when my son hurt his back. I called the office and  they saw him immediately. My son was treated by another doctor while Dr. Raya was out of the country but his x-rays were electronically sent to Dr. Raya so she could review and discuss the diagnosis and my son’s treatment. She is one of the most caring doctors I know. 

— Suzanne R.

I have been going to Dr. Raya for over 25yrs. She and her staff have helped me, my family, my friends, and anyone I have sent there with many issues. One of the things I love about the Raya Clinic is that it offers so many healthcare options under one roof! I have used them for physical therapy for injuries or after surgery, acupuncture for my sinuses and chiropractic for my neck and back issues. After a bad car accident my neck was severely injured. When I failed to get better Dr. Raya referred me to a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon worked with Dr. Raya and approved that I could continue to get treatments from Dr. Raya and the Raya clinic. My most life changing moment came when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. Being in my 40’s we needed to do IVF treatment. After 3 failed attempts we decided for one more and then we were done. Dr. Raya’s help with my infertility changed our lives forever! Dr. Raya performed acupuncture on me during the IVF process. After a few treatments IT WORKED!! And even though Dr. Raya was out of the country, she personally called us to congratulate us. I gave birth to happy healthy twin boys. She has taken care of my whole family including my children. She helped them both after birth overcome developmental issues due to being premature. Her abilities in pediatric and obstetric chiropractic were invaluable to my family. My boys who are now 2yrs old love her and love going to the clinic! This place is amazing and has changed my life and my families for the better!!! What I love about Dr. Raya and her practice is they have always been there for me and my family. I definitely recommend them to everyone

— Christine N.

Dr. Marcus is wonderful! My migraines are virtually nonexistent with his help.

— Courtney P.

Caring, professional practice. Best of the best!

— Tony L.

I have very strong feelings about the Raya Clinic. Based on my experiences, the Raya Clinic is a completely professional establishment. They always have their patient’s best interest in mind and would never compromise that. I have seen Dr. Jeana for my condition for years and always know that I’m in great, caring, loving hands. From the minute you walk in the door until the minute you leave, you’re treated with respect and compassion from every member of the staff. Dr. Raya is profoundly smart, with a big heart and will do everything in her power to heal you. At times, I’ve needed medical care beyond what they offer and they directed me and followed through with my needs. Not only do I recommend the Raya Clinic to everyone I know, but I insist that my immediate family go there. You won’t find a better or more loving place then the Raya Clinic.

— Robin P.

Staff is personable and professional. They work to care for the whole person and genuinely care about the issues and concerns of each patient.

— Roxanne O.

I’ve been coming to Raya Clinic for years. The care I receive there is exceptional. I was in chronic pain and unable to function and do my daily activities and now I am able to do just about everything. I am thankful for Dr. Raya and her staffs.

— S S.

I have been a patient at the Raya Clinic for several years. I have found the entire staff to be exceptionally caring and helpful. The doctors have an innate ability to not only diagnose my issues, they provide detailed treatment options to address the problem. I highly recommend their office. You won’t be disappointed!

— Lou M.

I had severe mid-back pain. I received a great and consultation and thorough examination. They treated me with respect and I knew that I was in the right hands the whole time. I received a few visits and my pain was gone. I feel 100% better! I am very grateful for the time and care that Dr. Raya and the Raya Clinic Staff put into my health. What a great experience!

— Sean S.

Great staff and welcoming environment and great results!

— Julia M.

I’ve been coming here throughout my pregnancy for chiropractic care. In just a few visits I started to notice an improvement in my shoulder and back pain. Because of this and my positive experience with the staff and their holistic approach, I’ve also started to take advantage of the acupuncture services offered by Dr. Raya. I would highly recommend the Raya Clinic to anyone looking for a more natural approach to health care. It has significantly improved my quality of life.

— Daria F.

The Raya Clinic has helped me through chronic back and neck issues. They have a professional and personal atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and valued. I have recommended them in the past to friends and colleagues, and I have every intention to recommend them in the future as well.

— Daniel C.

Everyone is very down -to-earth and thorough. Wait times are kept to a minimum and scheduling is very flexible.

— Todd L.

The staff is always friendly and caring and makes you feel like you are part of the family.

— Jim S.

Been going to Dr. Raya’s on and off since I was 12 or 13? Twice for accidents and recently for personal reasons. She’s always willing to listen to your issues and help you with what she thinks is best for your condition. The staff is super friendly and everyone is just extremely nice and helpful!

— Ryan M.

I find the clinic and all of the staff extremely helpful and professional. The atmosphere and the entire team provide a comforting experience. I strongly recommend Raya Clinic.

— Jasmine R.

I absolutely love the staff. They are so helpful and the office runs like a well-oiled machine. I love the variety of treatment options I have and feel as though this is the right place for me to get myself pain free.

— Kristi J.

Excellent staff! Knowledgeable and friendly doctors who have helped me relieve pain in my shoulders, neck, and hands. I can now do more activities with little to no pain. I highly recommend the Raya Clinic!

— Matthew P.

The doctors and staff truly care about their patients. They have made such a positive influence on my back. 100% recommended!

— Steve F.

This place is awesome! The staff is really caring, the staff at the front really knows what they are doing, they give you answers right away, they don’t make you wait for days to give you answer. All the Dr.s are very caring… they actually take time to listen to you! I went there with hip pain and in that same day I was given a heel lift that took the pain away. If you are tired of not getting relief and feel like nobody is really listening to you are tired of not getting relief and feel like nobody is really listening to you this is the place you need to go! 

— Matthew O.

Very friendly and informative staff. The chiropractic adjustments are really helping me. Dr. Raya has been great. She tested me for vitamin levels that were low and has top notch supplements.

— Amy C.


Googled acupuncture in Ct. And found Dr. Raya Southington, Ct. Becka the receptionist was a pleasure to speak to. Explained the procedure and was very understanding. Made a new patient appointment quickly. Thanks Becka.

— Angel M.

I highly recommend this practice to anyone interested in holistic health. This is an integrative practice; rarely will one find chiropractors, physical therapy, and acupuncturists under the same roof. They care for the whole body (while offering fresh-baked cookies to boot!). The doctors are caring and accessible, the atmosphere is congenial and relaxed, and the staff is great. Five stars.

— Dr. Pamela R.

Great Chiropractor!!! After my Chiropractor retired, I didn’t think I’d be able to find another one like him. Much to my delight I came across Raya Clinic. I love how they have the state of the art technology and focus on holistic medicine.

— Lisa L.

Great staff! Very friendly! I would highly recommend the Raya clinic.

— Michelle E.

Dr. Marcus is the best. Jessica and the rest of the staff treat you with warmth and care. Best holistic chiropractic care I’ve had in a long time. I would recommend the Raya clinic too anyone who is looking for great chiropractic care and a holistic approach to life. It’s like a one stop shop here. Acupuncture, food allergy test, weight loss programs. Go for it and you’ll love it.

— Telia

I’ve been a patient for many years and can only say positive things. Always responsive to general health and chiropractic needs.

— DJ L.

I’ve been coming here for almost 3 years and absolutely love it. All of the staff treat you with so much compassion and respect. I have lots of issues with my neck from falling down the stairs and dislocating a disk in my neck which Dr. Raya and the other doctors have consistently been working hard to get better. I absolutely love this chiropractor’s office I would never go anywhere else!!!!

— Krystal B.

Raya Clinic is the best chiropractic practice I have ever known, and I have been to quite a few in my 70 years. I initially came to them for a chronic neck problem that I have had for 20 yrs. This problem had not been helped by doctors, physical therapist or other chiropractors. They assessed my problems and addressed them, explaining this wouldn’t be a quick fix but would take some time. I am so glad I stuck with their advice. I was under treatment for a year. For the first time in 20 yrs, I don’t have chronic neck pain, head tremors, or achy shoulders. I know I can return to them at any time and they can tweak me however needed.


— Carole A.

I always suffered from neck pain and headaches. I was taking Motrin multiple times a week and just didn’t seem to get any relief. After coming to the Raya Clinic three years ago I can’t even remember the last time I had to take anything for a headache. The whole staff at the Raya Clinic is simply amazing and I am so thankful!

— Cball B.

I have been a patient of the Raya Clinic since 2013 at the recommendation of a friend. My back went out with no obvious reason and I was in significant pain and could not stand up straight. My first instinct was that I should call my primary care physician and get something for the pain. My friend recommended that I see a chiropractor instead and told me about his good experience with the Raya Clinic as opposed to other chiropractors he had used in the past.

Even from the first phone call, I knew I made the right choice. Everyone at the clinic has been friendly and accommodating to my situation and needs. They have a number of different treatments available and I have been able to speak with them about what I feel works and doesn’t work for me. They have also gone out of their way throughout my treatment to make sure I am feeling better, even going as far as to call me between visits to check in when I report relapses in pain or ability. I am also glad that I chose the Raya Clinic and chiropractic care in general because I was able to heal my injury without any intervention of pain killers and through use of exercises and life style changes.

— Jolene M.

Great chiropractor office and great atmosphere. I was scared at first since my accident to even have anyone touch my back. Dr. Raya assured me that I was in good hands. Jessica the front desk person was very informative with the care I was given and helped inspiring me to keep on with my care.
A+ Service

— Jonathan M.

I have been a patient of the Raya Clinic for a number of years. There are certain health problems and pains that arise that no one other than a Chiropractor can correct. The doctors there give great attention to the details of your health concern. They also genuinely care about your overall well-being. I have gone there in some very significant levels of pain, and I leave with relief. Thank you for all the Great Care!

— Melissa E.

They have a friendly staff and they are very knowledgeable. They have a lot of treatment options and know how to treat each person as an individual. I had such a great experience my husband and 2 yr old daughter now come to the Raya clinic for treatments.

— Zayda SB

I have been in search of a chiropractor for my headaches. Not only was Raya Clinic able to help me with my headaches they have also educated me and discovered the true root of the problem. I have since then begun to bring my husband who has increased movement since starting at Raya Clinic. My daughter has also begun her path for wellness. She is 20 months and has not had an ear infection since starting treatments and has not once been sick. Her temper has also improved. Thank you Raya Clinic for providing excellent care for my whole family.

— Zsbo O.

I have very strong feelings about the Raya Clinic. Based on my experiences, the Raya Clinic is a completely professional establishment. They always have their patient’s best interest in mind and would never compromise that. I have seen Dr. Jeana for my condition for years and always know that I’m in great, caring, loving hands. From the minute you walk in the door until the minute you leave, you’re treated with respect and compassion from every member of the staff. Dr. Raya is profoundly smart, with a big heart and will do everything in her power to heal you. At times, I’ve needed medical care beyond what they offer and they directed me and followed through with my needs. Not only do I recommend the Raya Clinic to everyone I know, but I insist that my immediate family go there. You won’t find a better or more loving place then the Raya Clinic.

— Anonymous

Great chiropractor and great office staff. My family gets the best adjustments at the Raya clinic.

— Anonymous

I have severe scoliosis and have benefited from weekly adjustments, had ultrasound when I pulled a hamstring and sprained an ankle. I tried the nutrition program and lost 15 pounds as well as lowering my cholesterol, which saved me from having to start taking a statin medication which have bad side effects. I increased my bone density using the vibration machine and have also tried acupuncture many times which I find to be such a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. The doctors and staff are knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Great hours too – I highly recommend the Raya Clinic!

— Anonymous

Raya clinic has improved my health and condition since my car accident. I would recommend them to anyone.

— Anonymous

Having been to a number of doctors in the past year, I found this office very polite and helpful. I’m happy to be able to go there but I wish I didn’t have to wait for the appointment. I wish I had better insurance as I would like to go more often.

— Anonymous

 Dr. Raya is the best not only for being a great chiropractor but a good friend. I would recommend her 1000%

— Anonymous

Have been a patient of the Raya Clinic for over 2 years and recommend them very highly. Very professional, caring and most of all helpful. Staff treats you like family and makes you feel very much at ease. Great Docs and staff.

— Anonymous

Raya Clinic has been so great to my family and I. I initially went in for back pain and they have done such a great job at taking away my pain my husband and son are now patients. They offer so many services they are a one stop wellness center.

— Anonymous

Excellent service and attention. Highly recommend this office for all your needs.

— Anonymous

I could not be happier with the care that my family and I have received from Dr. Raya and the staff at the Raya Clinic. For approximately 20 years as discomfort has arisen, we are always relieved after a visit there. Dr. Raya diagnosed me having a thyroid condition seven years before it showed up in my blood work. Great job!

— Anonymous

I came to the Raya Clinic with extremely painful migraines. Within a few weeks my migraine pain subsided. They are a caring family that will go to the extreme to make you feel accepted and like you are a part of them too.

— Anonymous

Raya clinic doctors and staff are the absolute best!

— Anonymous

I’ve been going since I was a tadpole, and the establishment has really developed. Between the staff and their health care opportunities, I cannot recommend them enough. Acupuncture, weight loss, nutrition; they really treat the entire body.

— Anonymous

I was very hesitate about going to a chiropractor, but the staff and doctors help me to feel at ease and safe. Also, it’s a difference you can feel in the way I walk and decrease of pain in my neck and back. I also have an increase awareness in the way I eat and suitable exercises to develop my core muscles.

— Anonymous

The Raya Clinic is staffed with caring and compassionate professionals. From the time I enter, until the time I leave, I know that my health and condition is a top priority. I have recommended them to friends and colleagues in the past and would do so again in the future. And of considerable importance, their treatment modalities work efficiently and effectively.

— Anonymous

Very professional staff and excellent diagnosis. They have been very helpful to better my condition

— Anonymous

I am so happy I found Dr. Raya and her practice. Everyone is welcoming and professional. I feel so much better than I did a month ago and I look forward to feeling even better in the months to come.

— Anonymous

First rate professional chiropractic office. Been treated by other chiropractic offices in the past with no results. They have state of the art diagnostic testing & treatment equipment. They treat the whole body by offering other holistic options like nutritional counseling, acupuncture, vitamins etc. They have helped me & my family through many medical issues. Lower back pain, spinal stenosis, neck issues, foot issues etc. Everything is treated under one roof by a caring staff & Dr.’s. I would recommend them to anyone suffering from issues their general practitioners can’t help them with.

— Anonymous

I am doctor of Chiropractic who has known Dr. Raya for 26 years. If I need to refer a patient in the Southington area, who needs acupuncture, spinal decompression or nutritional testing, I will send them to Dr. Raya.

— Anonymous

Her name is Stacey. I feel comfortable at the Raya Clinic.

She’s the only Dr. that I have gone to in my 75 years of life so far that has diagnosed my scoliosis and backaches and other minor “old age” aches and pains that I never knew I had! No medical doctors that I have had over the years have had the honesty and “common sense” that she has had. I wish that she could be my “Primary Care” Physician. Maybe the Insurance Companies SHOULD ALLOW Chiropractors to be Primary Care Doctors instead of SOME                  M.D.’S WHO NEVER SHOULD BE DOCTORS and then we’d be healthier beings walking around this earth! 

— Anonymous

— Steve C.

— Ashlee B.

— Sarah N.

— Josh P.

— Jennifer M.

— Miguel E.

—Carolyn W.