Your feet Are your body’s foundation and what gives you balance and movement. Dr. Raya can give you the orthotics that you need to improve your total body wellness and give you a higher level of performance all around – at work, play and in competition. Dr. Raya’s Southington office ensures that you can get the equipment that you need in Connecticut to maintain your chiropractic health.

Why Do I Need Orthotics?

Properly balancing the three arches in your foot is essential to your chiropractic health. A any imbalance in your feet can throw off your spinal alignment causing dysfunction and lead to pain.

No two sets of feet are alike. You need orthotics that are customized to your specific needs if you are going to maximize your holistic health profile. Although you may get some short term help from over the counter orthotics, custom orthotics we provide will give you the long term solution that will not only address your symptoms, but the root causes of any pain or imbalance that you may be feeling.

Understand the Importance Your Feet

Dr. Raya will be able to properly assess your need for orthotics using a proprietary scale that tests the pressure you are putting on your feet and any instability that is causing problems. Here are some of the problems that a foot imbalance may cause:

  • Knee rotation – If you are constantly standing on a foot that is not properly balanced, then you may be twisting your knee in impractical ways. Over time, this can lead to knee pain, hip pain and bad posture.
  • Pelvic tilts – A tilted pelvis can lead to plantar fasciitis, otherwise known as “heel pain syndrome.” You will not be able to get out of bed without feeling some sort of pain, and you may also feel pain after long periods of inactivity during the day.
  • A misaligned spine – A spine that is not straight can lead to a number of problems in the body, including shoulders, headaches and onset scoliosis.

Make sure that you are taking care of your feet so that they can take care of you. Give the office a call or an email if you feel as though you are experiencing the symptoms of imbalanced feet.