accuspina machine

The Accu-SPINA® stands out from other spinal decompression options on the market due to the utilization of three separate waveforms delivered based on the parameters set by the treating clinician (sinusoidal, triangular, or square waveforms). Additionally, it produces a unique, patented, secondary waveform called oscillation, which is a key component elevating IDD Therapy® above other treatment options.

Our sinusoidal oscillation mechanism (Oscillating Logarithmic Curve ™) is what truly sets the Accu-Spina® System apart from the competition. As the Accu-Spina® gently moves the vertebrae and discs, it also provides an additional, unique pumping action at the peak of each sinusoidal wave to help each disc take in even more fluids, oxygen, and nutrients. These cell respiration precursors help surrounding tissues initiate their own regeneration. This dynamic technique (Intervertebral Differential Dynamics), has been shown in studies to promote a higher level of self-healing and rehabilitation to injured discs than any other decompression device studied.


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