The Food Sensitivity Tests employ unique methods that detect both IgG antibody and complement together to determine the reactivity of each sample against a wide variety of food antigens. These methods yield more complete profiles of the various foods that may cause food sensitivities.

The Food Sensitivity Tests are the highest quality and most sensitive food sensitivity tests available which can measure up to 132 of the most common foods and food additives. Custom food sensitivity tests can be developed to your specifications. Please inquire about custom test development.

The Food Sensitivity TestsSensitivity and Accuracy

The Food Sensitivity Tests identify foods that may be responsible for causing symptoms associated with inflammation by measuring food-specific Immune Complexes containing C3d (IC-C3d) and IgG together. The net result is that the Food Sensitivity Tests are more sensitive than other tests which measure only IgG. These tests ensures that a sample is either positive or negative for a particular food antigen with 95% accuracy. Identification and elimination of the offending foods from the diet will lessen inflammation and alleviate the symptoms associated with food sensitivities.