If you are carrying for a spouse or other loved one with limited mobility, you may find that pushing a wheelchair results I shoulder and back pain.

This discomfort is likely caused by exerting too much force on your lumbar (lower) spine and shoulders, which can lead to injury. According to a recent study, injuries of this type often occur among caregivers who push more than 220 pounds (which exceeds safety limits). The study, involving 62 able-bodied adults with an average age of 26, revealed that men were more apt to push past a safe load threshold before quitting than women were. A chiropractor can help caregivers avert such injuries, as well as treat injuries that do occur.

Chiropractor believe the body is a perfect organism in its natural state, and all diseaae comes from a disruption in the body's proper transmission of signals by the nerve. This affects three body's ability to heal. Chiropractors assess top find which spinal levels are causing the dysfunction, and we adjust it to restore proper nerve flow so the nervous system can work as efficiently and effectively as possible. To schedule an appointment for chiropractic treatment, please call 860-621-2225 <(860)%20621-2225>, or visit us at 200 queen st. Southington. P.S When pushing a wheelchair, stay close to the handles worth your back straight and elbows bent. Use your entire body weight and leg muscles
to do the work.