Those aged 65 years and older often find that chronic medical conditions and decreasing mobility conspire to lower their quality of life, particularly if they suffer from spinal conditions. The good news is that recent research involving Medicare recipients aged 65-plus with diagnosed musculoskeletal disease, dislocations, sprains or strains shows that they derived measurable benefit from chiropractic treatment. Compared with study participants receiving only medical treatment for their conditions, those receiving chiropractic care were found to have fewer functional limitations, less difficulty engaging in such activities as lifting and walking, and a lower number of doctor visits. The chiropractic patients also indicated that they were more satisfied with their initial care, their out of pocket costs, and the information provided to them.

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P. S. According to the study mentioned above, researchers concluded that the seniors receiving chiropractic care benefited from the treatment’s “protective effect” which safeguarded them against future physical deterioration.

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