Individuals with large gaps between their feet when they are standing with their knees together are said to have “knock knees”- (medically known as “genu valgum”). While many children tend to display knock knees as part of their normal development, their legs will usually straighten out by age six or seven. Adults can also develop knock knees as a symptom of arthritis. Otherwise, the condition might arise as a result of pronated feet that lead to knee instability, or possibly an adductor/abductor imbalance causes the knee to knock together. Chiropractors are experienced in evaluating an individual’s gait, which can lead to recommendations and treatment that help normalize patient’s manner of moving.

Chiropractic care is a great treatment for people of all ages who have knock knees. For younger patients who are merely moving through a development stage , chiropractic  can help to keep their bodies from developing joint dysfunction or restriction as a result of the condition.

To schedule an appointment please call 860-621-2225 or visit us at 200 Queen Street, Southington. Our practice has a unique approach of comprehensive care and is based on the premise of the Triad of Health, a combination of chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition.

P.S. Gait analysis has become an accepted part of sports medicine.

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