Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a painful and debilitating condition caused by the narrowing of the spinal canal and compression of the spinal cord. Symptoms of spinal stenosis include numbness or tingling in the extremities and buttocks, lower back pain while standing or walking, leg or arm weakness, and difficulty balancing. Chiropractors are skilled at treating patients with spinal stenosis. They can conduct diagnostic imaging to determine the level of spinal compression. SpineMed spinal decompression, manual spinal adjustments, stretching, and exercising are common treatments that reduce muscle tension, relieve inflammation, and make more space available for spinal nerves.

If you are suffering from spinal stenosis at the lumbar, thoracic, or cervical spine, it might be time to explore chiropractic treatment as an option. The only way to know if you are a candidate for chiropractic treatment is by consulting with a Raya Clinic Chiropractor for a complete clinical assessment. If you are not a candidate for chiropractic care, or if you require medical treatment beyond the scope of chiropractic, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist or practitioner.

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