A “cervicongenic headache” is an unusual headache because the pain does not come from the head. instead, this form of “secondary headache” (meaning that it is caused by another illness or physical issue) is “referred pain,” meaning that the pain is perceived to occur in part of the body that is not its real source. In this case, the source of the pain is the cervical spine (neck). Triggering events such as “whiplash” (acceleration- deceleration injury) , a fall, or arthritis in a joint at the back of the neck cause compression, inflammation, and/or irritation of a nerve, causing the cervicogenic headache. To relieve this pain, the chiropractor will most likely focus treatment on reducing inflammation of the third occipital nerve.
Many of the worst headaches can be slow to respond to the intended effect of most medications. Please call us at 860.621.2225 to schedule an appointment for superb, drugless chiropractic care. Your case will be evaluated, any recommended procedures will be explained and demonstrated, and your questions will be answered. We’re located at 200 Queen St. Southington, where we will only accept you as a patient if we feel we can help you. We offer affordable healthcare fro the whole family.
P.S. Chiropractors have an excellent understanding of cervicogenic headaches and other instances of referred pain.

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