Nearly half of Americans aged 60 years and older suffer from “spinal stenosis” This narrowing of the spaces between the spine’s vertebrae is a common cause of back pain. As the bones of the spinal column undergo degenerative changes (such as osteoarthritis), bony overgrowths appear, ligaments harden, discs shrink and distort, and joints break down. as a consequence of these changes, the canals in the spine, through which the spinal cord runs and from which the nerves exit, narrow. When stenosis occurs in the lower (lumbar) spine, cramping may be felt in the legs and weakness in the extremities is possible. To relieve pressure on compressed nerves, chiropractic treatment may focus on aligning misplaced vertebrae and restoring joint integrity.

Our goal is to markedly improve your life. Pain relief is usually the first step. Restoring your human potential and optimizing your health are next. How long has it been since you were pain free? We can diagnose your type of ache and treat it’s underlying causes. We’re located at 200 Queen St. Southington. We offer affordable healthcare for the whole family.

P.S. Spinal stenosis may be caused by herniated discs, which bulge into the spinal canal, thereby narrowing it.

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