Relief for Knee Pain

Most people associate chiropractors with injuries or the back and neck. But did you know they also treat knee pain? Knee pain affects countless people every year and can lead to severe quality of life issues. Chiropractors treat knee pain without using prescription medications or surgical procedures. They can get to the root cause of the knee pain instead of treating just the symptoms, and thus can prevent problems from returning. Chiropractors will closely examine the knee and use adjustments to ensure it is adequately aligned, placing the knee in the best position to heal. Because the muscles around the knee also need to be strengthened, other therapies will be used, such as physical therapy and massage therapy.

Sometimes knee pain does not have a local cause. Problems with the hips and back can contribute to knee pain. So can issues with the hips and back can contribute to knee pain. So can issues with the foot, ankle, or pelvis. For this reason, chiropractors perform a thorough examination of all the joints, tendons, and muscles that could be contributing to knee pain. They take into account your full medical history. To schedule an appointment with our clinic, please call 860-621-2225. We are located at 200 queen st, Southington.

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