While chiropractors may specialize in the manipulation of joints and vertebrae in the back and neck, the benefits of chiropractic treatment extend far beyond. Chiropractic theory holds that back pain is often due to “subluxations” (vertebral misalignments) that can lead to compressed nerves, which produce pain in the back or other areas served by the nerves. Thus, subluxations can adversely affect the functioning of organs throughout the body due to impeded nerve flow. It therefore makes sense to keep the spine free of subluxations as a preventive measure against disease. Those who visit chiropractors regularly without any specific complaints or symptoms may well be doing one of the best things they can to ensure that they remain healthy.

Although chiropractors are typically thought of as back pain specialists, they’re also interested in the overall wellness and health of your body. We can help with the limited joint mobility, pain management and release nerve pressure. We’re located at 200 Queen St. Southington, where specific advice will be given on exercise, nutrition and relaxation. Call us at 860-621-2225 to schedule an appointment and let us help you take control of your health. We offer affordable healthcare for the whole family. The answers you need. The care you deserve.

P.S Subluxation misalignment may be physical, emotional, or chemical in cause or result from an incident such as a sports or automobile accident related injury.

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