There was once a time when people suffering from back pain were told that they would benefit from bed rest. Now we know that this prescription does more harm than good. Unlike a broken bone that must be rested until it heals, an aching back is not helped by atrophying muscles and weakening soft tissue due to lack of use. As the chiropractor addresses the underlying cause of most back pain by restoring proper function to misaligned vertebrae, patients are encouraged to get moving to the degree that they are able. Not only do active muscles repair themselves more readily, but spinal discs (which do not contain blood vessels) rely on the body’s movement to direct healing nutrients their way.

We have created an atmosphere for healing, with a professional and caring staff that puts your health first. We are qualified – with specialized equipment coupled with training, education, and experience to determine your condition and what to do about it. We’re located at 200 Queen St. Please call 860-621-2225 to schedule an appointment.

P.S. While exercise can help back pain sufferers, it is important that they avoid positions and activities that may increase or cause further back pain.

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