A recent study review reveals that 100 million Americans experience chronic joint pain, with back pain consistently ranking among the top five most common reasons for scheduling a healthcare visit. Back pain is particularly common among older adults, who may have experienced a lifetime of improper body mechanics and wear and tear.
While many seniors deal with this problem by masking the symptoms with pain medication, it is far better to address the underlying cause (s) of back pain. A first -line approach of noninvasive care that involves modification of body structure and mechanics helps relieve pain, reduce discomfort and prevent the progression to chronic disability. Chiropractic treatment can get seniors up and moving toward a more active future.
You wake up with it. You go to sleep with it. Chronic pain, by definition, doesn’t go away. we work to restore yo health and guide you in a personalized approach to overall wellness. Determining the type of pain is a big step towards finding a treatment that helps you deal with y our chronic pain. We are located at 200 queen st. Southington, where we have extensive training and experience in the field of chiropractic care and are ready to help you. 860-621-2225

P.S. “Degenerative disc disease” involves a breakdown of the inter-vertebral discs and places seniors at higher risk for developing arthritis of the spine called “spondylosis.”

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