The U.S. Soccer Federation bans players under the age of 10 from heading the ball and also forbids heading during practice for young soccer players ages 11 to 13 who play in leagues under its purview. This ban came because of an ongoing class-action lawsuit filed by a group of parents and young players, who pointed out that the U.S. Soccer Federation and other soccer organizations had been negligent in monitoring and treating head injuries. According to the complaint, 46,200 U.S. high school soccer players suffered concussions in 2010, which was more than players in baseball, basketball, softball, and wrestling combined. It is hoped that this important step will stern the tide of concussions suffered by young soccer players.

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P.S. When nerves become permanently damaged as a result of suffering a concussion, “post-concussive syndrome” may result, which involves torturous headaches and pain. The answers you need and the care you deserve.

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