The "core muscles" ( which include abdominal muscles, back muscles, and the muscles around the pelvis) help stabilize the spine and pelvis and also play a key role in transferring energy from the torso to the smaller muscles of the arms and legs. When these muscles contract, they stabilize the spine, pelvis, and shoulders and create a solid base of support. The body is then able to generate powerful movements of the extremities. Thus, core muscles play a critical role in helping the body move more efficiently. Aside from helping promote better performance of everyday activities such as carrying groceries, getting up from a chair, and climbing stairs, strengthening core muscles also corrects postural imbalances that can lead to injuries.

Chiropractic treatment and core-muscle training is such a powerful combination to beat back pain. Don't lose out by only using one or the other! An increase in the incidence of back pain has been linked to the sedentary lifestyle that many of us lead and as chiropractors we always try to motivate our patients to exercise. To schedule an appointment for chiropractic treatment, please call 860-621-2225, or visit us at 200 Queen St., Southington. We incorporate 20 different chiropractic techniques to help return your body to a state of proper function that we call "homeostasis."

P.S. Research suggests that young athletes who are prone to injuries have weaker core muscles around their hips compared to athletes who are not prone to injuries.

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