There is pain involving a nerve that some feel is so embarrassing to talk about that its name is derived from the Latin word for “shame.” The “pudendal” nerve lies deep in the pelvis and travels from the sacral area and later separates into three branches: one going to the anal rectal area, one to the perineum, and one to the genitals. Problems may arise when a fall, irritation, or entrapment of this nerve leads to the very painful condition know as “pudendal neuralgia.” Symptoms of stabbing pain and numbness are often accompanied by urinary and bowel problems and sexual dysfunction. As embarrassing as these symptoms may be, only a frank discussion with the chiropractic can lead to effective treatment.

We need to do all that we can to keep our nerves healthy. Without healthy nerves, the body is weakened and not able to adapt to environmental stresses. We do not include medication or surgery in our treatment programs. We’re located at 200 Queen St. Southington. Please call 860-621-2225 to schedule an appointment. We offer affordable healthcare for the whole family.

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