Fitness-conscious individuals understand that flexibility comprises the third leg of the fitness triangle, along with aerobics and strength training. Flexibility, defined as the range of motion about a joint, largely depends on age, genetics, physical activity, the joint structure, the elasticity of the connective tissues, and the degree of coordination between the body’s nervous and muscles systems. Chiropractic promotes and maintains flexibility by helping joints achieve a full range of motion. As a result, patients are better able to move their joints further with less exertion. Other benefits include improved muscular balance and posture, reduced muscle soreness, decreased risk of low-back pain, and reduced stress. Maintaining flexibility also promotes independence and self-esteem.

Chiropractic benefits people of all ages, from infants to those in their golden years. We can help alleviate specific conditions, as well as help improve our patient’s overall health and well-being. We strive to make each patient feel at ease with quality chiropractic care at 200 Queen St., Southington. We’re currently accepting new patients and encourage you to call 860-621-2225 to schedule an appointment. The answers you need. The care you deserve.

P.S. Increased range of joint motion results in decreased risk of injury

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