A 2015 survey found that the prevalence of chronic pain more than doubled between 1992 and 2006, that that chronic back pain was more common among young women aged 40 to 80 years than among men. This led to further research involving 8,000 older women for an average14 years. Announced as the first study to measure disability following diagnosed back pain, the study followed the women’s ability to conduct everyday activities, from walking to food preparation. Over the follow- up period, over half of the study’s participants died. Approximately 65 percent of the women with frequent and persistent back pain died compared with 54 percent of those without back pain, indicating a strong link between back pain and mortality.

P.S. according to the above-mentioned study, without effective treatment of back pain, older adults experienced worsening disability and avoided performing life- preserving daily activities out of the fear of worsening their conditions.

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